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Photo de deux jeunes filles, photo of two young girls

positive change

Photo of a young girl with curly hair, photo d'une jeune fille aux cheveux bouclés

Give hope

Help us make a 
difference, one 
donation at a time.

Each donation helps to:

  • Fund interdisciplinary care for women and girls living with or at risk of excision (physiotherapy, sex therapy, psychotherapy, social work, legal advice);

  • Fund surgical re-exposure of the clitoris for women who want it;

  • Participate in the training of health professionals on excision and the care of the women concerned;

  • Fund education and awareness activities.

rectangle incliné, tilted rectangle

Choose a donation frequency

Thank you for your donation!

Duo de vagues


in numbers




is the number of girls being excised every minute somewhere in the world

is the number of girls and women alive today who have been excised

of the excised girls are younger than 15 years old

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